Planning Your Will

Planning Your Will

In this part . . .

B efore putting pen to paper you have to put in the groundwork. First up you have to work out what your estate – everything you own – is worth. You then have to put together a clear picture in your own mind of who you want to inherit your pot of gold. As for your biggest asset – the family home – I show you the tactics you can use to make sure this passes intact to your loved ones when you die. If you want the reassurance of using a solicitor, accountant, or financial adviser to draw up your estate plans, check out this part because I show you how to spot duffers from the able and committed.

Whatever your will plans, you'll need the help of family and friends to make it happen. This part shows you what to look for in will executors, trustees, guardians, and witnesses.

If you're embarking on the estate planning journey and want to know how to prepare properly, this is the part for you.

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