Sharing out the shares

You need a stock transfer form from the company registrars or a blank form downloaded from to sign shares over to the beneficiary. All the executors must sign this form. Send the stock transfer form to the registrar of the company in question, together with the original share certificate and the obligatory copy of the grant of probate or letters of administration.

Sharing out the shares

If the deceased's share holding is to be split between two or more beneficiaries, a separate stock transfer form is needed in each case.

If the shares are registered in the name of a stockbroker – this is often called a nominee account – you don't have to go to all the rigmarole with the stock transfer form. Instead, simply write to the stockbroker and ask them to hold the shares in the name of the beneficiary.

Sharing out the shares

Good news! No stamp duty is payable on the transfer of shares to a beneficiary.

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