Selling the Assets to Pay the Debts

Only sell anything of the deceased's after you've explored all other avenues of raising the necessary cash. The will should give you full rights to dispose of the deceased's property as you see fit.

You may need to sell the deceased's assets for a number of reasons, including paying for the funeral, meeting creditors' demands, or paying the IHT bill.

Discuss with the other executors which parts of the estate should be sold so that the deceased's wishes can most closely be met. Don't just pick on one beneficiary and start selling off their gifts while leaving everyone else's intact, unless of course you have their consent.

Selling the Assets to Pay the Debts

Get three written quotes for the items you sell. Accept the highest and keep all three quotes on file, just in case someone checks that you got the best possible price.

Selling the Assets to Pay the Debts

You must try and get the best possible price for the deceased's assets. If you fail to do so, then the beneficiaries may have a case to sue you!

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