Should I try to develop a strategy alone or with my team?

Your team should definitely be part of the effort — but many leaders find it useful to first work alone through the strategy exercise outlined in chapter 6. You will likely find it a lot harder than you thought, and that experience will introduce you to the process and help you identify the issues that are likely to be most challenging in your company. Then, get your team involved.

Teams often begin by attempting to write out a strategy statement for a business. That's okay, but don't spend too much time on it at the start. It comes much easier once you've nailed the strategy. To do that, begin by developing an initial definition of your business's purpose (don't get hung up on words at this point) and work your way through a strategy wheel, spoke by spoke. This is an iterative process — refinements will come. As the big building blocks of what you do fall into place, revisit the purpose, and then come back to the wheel. As you close in on a purpose, and the activities and resources to support it, go back to the strategy statement. By then it will be clear what you need to convey.

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