How the Lost Sale Close Is Used

The closer should sheepishly say something like this to the customer: “Mr. Customer, I was wondering if you would help me with something before you leave. I know you're not going to buy anything, but would you tell me confidentially and personally why you really don't like my product. You see, this is how I make my living and support my family. IRIPT sami>Thd be grateful if you could, just between the two of us, tell me the reason. Then, when I am dealing with another customer I won't make the same mistake. I might be able to answer the other customer's questions better than I did yours.”

When the customer gives the closer the real reason for not buying, thinking he is off the hook, the closer can immediately act surprised and say, “Mr. Customer, no wonder you didn't buy. It's my fault for not explaining that product (or service) to you property. Here, let me quickly tell you how it really works.” At this point the closer can proceed to go in for the kill.

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