How the Summary Close Is Used

When the customer tells the closer he has to think about it, the closer should calmly and sincerely say, “Mr. Customer, just for my own information, exactly what is it about my product that you wanted to think about? Is it my company's reputation?” If the customer says “No,” the closer should immediately continue without pausing and say, “Is it the size of the property (or the product)?” If again the customer says “No,” the closer should keep right on talking and say, “Is it the down payment?”

The closer shouldn't stop asking the customer what he wants to think about until the customer finally says, “Yes, that's what I have to think about, it's the ____.” Now the closer has a solid objection he can work with and successfully conquer.

(Note: When the closer is asking the customer these questions, he'd better not go too slowly in his delivery or pause. That would give the customer time to think and automatically say something like, “I just have to think about the whole thing.” And if the customer says this, then the closer is in serious trouble and better shift gears s shI jinto another one of the closes.)

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