How the Power of Suggestion Close Is Used

When the closer is with his customer during the early stages of the sales presentation he should deliberately drop little hints and make positive suggestions concerning the customer and the product. For instance, the closer could say, “Mr. Customer, do you know that by putting my product in your home, you will have the most beautiful home on your whole block?” or “Mr. Customer, did you realize that by starting an investment plan now with my company, your children's education will be paid for when it's time for them to go to college?” or “Mr. Customer, by buying my product at this time in the off-season you will save a lot more money.”

After making these suggestive statements the closer has to give the customer plenty of time, so these thoughts will sink in and take hold in the customer's subconscious. When the closer thinks the timing is right (during the last stages of the sales presentation) for him to ask the customer for the order, the closer should say:

(1) “Mr. Customer, remember you wanted to have the best looking house on your block, something your family could really be proud of? Then why don't you give my product a try?” or,

(2) “Mr. Customer, remember you wanted your children to have a good education and you didn't want to worry about that financial burden when they reach college age? Then why don't you give my company a try?” or,

(3) “Mr. Customer, remember you wanted to get the best buy for your money on my product? This is absolutely the best time to buy. Why don't you give my product a try?”

In this “close” the closer, by planting suggestions early in the sales presentation, has actually activated the customer's mind early in the presentation. During the rest of the presentation the customer has been thinking about these “closer-planted suggestions.” When the closer finally asks for the order and brings up these suggestions again, the customer, because of the time span and all of the sales activity during the sales presentation, will actually swilese believe these ideas were originally his. The customer will usually forget that the closer suggested them first. So the closer can go ahead and “close” with his customer's full and enthusiastic cooperation.

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