How the Book Close Is Used

The customer tells the closer, “I'm going to have to talk to my brother in Chicago before I buy this product, because he's in the same kind of business you are, Mr. Closer.” The closer should calmly take out this book, The Art of Closing Any Deal, and say to the customer, “Mr. Customer, let me show you something that you've never heard of or seen before. This book that I'm holding tells me in Chapter 3 exactly what kind of attitude people like yourself, in your type of business, have. Then in Chapter 10

, page 213

, this book tells me exactly the objection you just stated and shows me how to answer your objection in three different ways. (It's ok to make up the chapter and page numbers for spontaneous effect.) Again, from this book I can tell how you planned nor b>< all along, from the first time we met, to think of and develop an objection. Mr. Customer, just think, there is a book written all about you, what you're thinking and what you're going to say. Now let's be realistic: that excuse about your brother isn't important. We're really talking about finances, aren't we?” When the customer says “Yes,” the closer should work the money matter (the real objection) out and then ask the customer to give his product or service a try.

(NOTE: When the closer uses this “close” he has to make the customer's objection look ridiculous to the customer himself, and then find out what the true objection is so he can “close” again.)

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