Sam taught me an ironclad rule associated with psychological warfare and customer control. Few closers think about it or acknowledge it, but it is of vital importance: The master closer should know beforehand all the questions the customer is going to ask about the product and have all the answers. The master closer should also know more about the product's good and bad points than the customer can ever imagine.

The customer is on unfamiliar ground with the closer, because he does not know the closer's methods of presentation. The closer knows the rules Kws iliand runs the whole affair; the customer is at a great disadvantage.

At this point the contest begins between the closer and the customer. If the customer wins and there is no sale, it means the closer lost control.

With all the advantages the closer has over the customer, shouldn't the closer win? Of course he should. The closer has the upper hand from the beginning; it only stands to reason that the closer should prevail.

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