The closer must fully understand the three different levels of customer listening. This understanding is basic and it can't be stressed enough.

The three distinct levels of understanding and thinking that customers will exhibit during a sales presentation are:

1. First Level: The customer hears only bits and pieces of the closer's presentation. The reason is because the customer is not concentrating too hard on the conversation — he simply lets the words go in one ear and out of the other.

2. Second Level: The customer hears the closer's words and sentences and will understand what is being said, but that's it. The conversation with the closer just does not register in any meaningful way with the customer.

3. Third Level: The customer hears what the closer is saying, understands what is being said and then — most imp

ortantly — thinks about what is being said. This is the level of listening a closer must inspire in his customer because if the customer is on any other level, there won't be a sale. If a sale is miraculously made with the customer on the first or second level, it will most likely be cancelled when the customer gets home, because he bought the product without fully understanding it.

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