Pre-Game Strategy

To establish any type of effective pre-game strategy, the closer must first know his product inside out. When he feels confident of that knowledge, he can move on to develop his attack plan.

Pre-game strategy is illustrated in this example: The closer already knows where he Sows. The mirrwants his customer to sit, or what room he wants to use for his sales presentation. The sophisticated closer will determine in advance what product, model, piece of real estate, insurance policy, etc. he is going to show the customer. He also knows what price range he wants to work with. The closer must have all this information prepared and pre-planned so he will know exactly what he is going to do when putting his closing moves on the unsuspecting customer. He has total control and confidence in himself, and it shows. With a solidly prepared game plan the closer will have a strong foundation to work from and build upon. The closer can then give the customer an organized and understandable sales presentation, leading the customer in any direction he wants. He can show a more expensive product, or a smaller product, a different model or other real estate locations. It doesn't matter because the closer's strong foundation strategy will always act as his focal point, allowing him to appear knowledgeable in front of the buyer at all times.

Another benefit to having a strategically prepared game plan is that the customer too will have a basic starting point (which you have determined) to compare with other models and prices that you show him. This way the customer can listen to the entire sales presentation in the proper perspective (which you have determined). A game plan keeps the customer from getting confused, and gives him a basic knowledge of the product.

The closer's game plan or pre-game strategy is really the closer's ability to develop a controlled sales situation before he meets the customer. The closer knows what steps he is going to take with his customer and he has enough product knowledge to have back-up plans ready, if needed. He understands the need for a solid sales presentation with a pre-developed foundation that can be built on and expanded in any direction necessary to close the sale.

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