Look in the Mirror

The closer should take the time to stand for a few seconds in front of a mirror before he meets his customer. The closer should check his clothes, shoes, fingernails, hair and overall appearance; he should make sure he doesn't have bad breath, dandruff or body odor.

The closer has to look neat, well groomed and sharp if he wants to make a sale. Customers do not want to deal with unkempt, malodorous, sloppy salespersons. Your appearance will subconsciously affect their impressions of your product (or service).

Something else that is important about looking in the mirror: The closer should look at himself and tell himself that he's the best closer around and that he is going to get that sale, no matter what. Sound silly? It isn't. A closer can actually psyche himself up and build his confidence by looking in the mirror for a few minutes and giving himself a pep talk. (It's a form of self-hypnosis and it works.) There is only one you, so you'd better make it the best you possible. No one else is going to help you succeed.

The closer should remember he is an actor getting ready to go on stage for his customer, so he should give the best performance he can.

The closer should loosen up before meeting his customer by shaking his arms for a minute at his sides. This will make the closer more relaxed and get his blood flowing.

The closer should present himself to the customer with a good appearance, and an air of confidence. The mirror can help you pump yourself up, if it is used properly.

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