Product Knowledge

The closer must know his inventory, his price list, his product, the monthly payments, the pay schedules and company facts before he ever meets a customer. When a closer has all this information down pat, he will feel more confident and relaxed. This self-confidence will show when he encounters his customer for the first time. A closer cannot be completely confident in himself and feel prepared and poised if he does not know precisely what he is talking about. The customer can spot this weakness in a closer in no time, and the sale will usually be lost.

Without detailed knowledge of his product, the closer will be vulnerable to any kind of detail question or trick questi S trem" width=on the customer might come up with, and this too can easily kill a sale. Customers like to play the game of stumping the salesman by asking petty, difficult questions to see if the seller can answer them. The closer should never allow himself to get into a position where he can be caught off guard.

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