Sam told me the first thing a sales closer must do — even before he meets his customer — is establish a game plan. The closer must have some kind of strategy outlined in his mind if he wants to get a sale. If a closer does not have a game plan, he might as well give his customer to some rookie salesman and hope for the best.

Game plan strategy simply means that the closer has pre-developed an attack plan for selling his customer. The closer not only knows how he will approach his customer, but also knows his inventory, his product, and himself, backwards and forwards, one hundred percent. The closer must know where he is going with his customer, and how to get there with confidence. In fact, the master closer has already envisioned a closed sale.

The following pointers will provide a foundation from which to build a game plan and demonstrate the techniques a closer uses to prepare himself for a customer, both physically and mentally.

Note: There is no certain time or set place in the sales presentation to actually close the customer. The master closer is continually (from the first second he says “Hello” to his customer, until the sale is made) going after that sale with every question and statement he can think of. The master closer knows that every single “Yes” or positive response he gets from his customer brings him a step closer to getting the sale consummated.

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