CLOSER VS. CUSTOMER: The First Meeting

August the second started out poorly. On my way to work at Green Vista Estates my car tire went flat. The delay made me late, and “Big Bill” did not like to have any of his people running behind schedule.

When I finally got to my job, Sam was waiting for me. He seemed particularly happy and excited — quite the opposite of how I felt. “Big Bill” had just given me his late-to-work lecture and it didn't do much for my morale.

Sam called me over and told me that today was going to be special. Not only would we be starting an important sales lesson, but for the first time we were going to study the master closer's initial approach to customers and the techniques that are used. Sam said it was finally time to put the two opponents together, closer and customer. Now I would see how the closer actually manipulates and controls his customer, from the first eye contact to the beginning of the basic sales presentation, to the final close. This was the point where all of my earlier sales lessons started to fit together and really make sense.

This was the hardcore sales training I had been waiting for: How the closer must handle the first meeting with the Nsoundont s customer, one-on-one.

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