Won't the perception of what is excellent keep changing — essentially keep going up?

A. Yes, indeed. Remind yourself what we used to accept from our banks, coffee shops, dentists, employers…They may none of them be perfect now but all of them have raised their standards considerably. They'll have to continue to do so, too; one aspect of excellence is continuously raising your standards which is easy to do, in many ways, as you are constantly investing in yourself.

Here's an idea for you…

Think about the world of work over the next five years. Who are going to be the survivors, and who will be the thrivers? The BBC? Innocent Juices? Apple Computer? Starbucks? Barclays Bank? Singapore Airlines? Make your own personal thrive list. Who's on it and what do they have in common? I can guess — they all have and all are raising their standards. Excellent is their base point, and yours too, I trust.

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