Meet the 7 Rules

Over the years, I have taken the lessons I've learned, the mistakes I've made, the principles in Scripture, and wisdom from experts, counselors, and teachers whom I respect and boiled it all down to these simple rules that changed my life.

Rule 1: Spend Less Than You Earn

Rule 2: Save for the Future

Rule 3: Give Some Away

Rule 4: Anticipate Your Irregular Expenses

Rule 5: Tell Your Money Where to Go

Rule 6: Manage Your Credit

Rule 7: Borrow Only What You Know You Can Repay

The 7 Rules are not seasonal, nor are they based on emotion. They work for people who have lots of money as well as those who are struggling to survive on a single income or are between jobs.

The 7 Rules are for every income, every age, every stage of life. They apply to an unemployment check, an allowance, a paycheck, a dividend check, a bonus check, a trust account, an inheritance, and even a vast estate.

The 7 Rules apply to individuals and families who are deeply in debt, just as they do for those who are debt free. The rules do not change, because they are based on timeless truth and unchanging principles. They're like anchors that keep us from drifting off course or running aground even in the midst of a storm when visibility is all but lost.

Here's the best part: the 7 Rules are simple. So simple, in fact, they can fit on the back of a business card. Given 15 minutes you could even memorize them. In fact, I recommend you do.

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